When Is The Best Time To Visit St. John Islands?

Many people from all around the globe, dream of visiting any of the Virgin Islands. Among these tropical islands, St. John is best known for its tiny size, pristine beaches, scores of palm trees, and amazing infrastructure to aid your vacation.

If you’re one of those people wanting to visit St. John, you must be wondering when could be the best time to travel here. Well, honestly, there isn’t a perfect time, as the preferences and likings differ from person to person. However, here’s a brief description about different times and what they offer:

December to March

This is the peak tourist season in the St. John islands, as most of the villas in St John are booked in advance. The temperatures usually stay around 80°F or 30°C. It’s safe to expect snow or rain 5 to 7 times a month.

One must consider packing a jacket, as it could come handy in dealing with the cold conditions. Additionally, you may also consider the rise in accommodation costs, as resorts and hotels tend to increase the prices during this peak season.

April to June

This could be the best time for you to visit this island, if you’re wary of hurricanes. This is also the time where the tourist season slows down a bit. You can get villas in St John at discounted prices, so yeah, that’s a few dollars saved.

The temperatures range from 70s to high 80s. There’s usually less rainfall, so you don’t have to worry about your wet pants. For those of you who love the ultimate tropical experience, this is the time to travel here.

July to November

Alright, this time is known for occasional hurricanes. Also, it rains approximately 7 to 12 days a month. The climate feels windy and humid in the time of the year. And the temperatures go around 85°F.

However, if you’re not bothered about the rain, this is the best time for you to visit St. John. Because, almost everything on the island comes at extremely affordable prices. Moreover, even if it rains frequently, it usually shows up for a brief period, and then the sun shines again!

Many people prefer this time, as the crowds are less, cheap hotel and resort prices, and of course for the natural beauty of the island. Over the last few years, it has been a fad for people to visit the island in this time for their destination weddings.

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